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Antique and Estate Jewelry

Antique and estate jewels are miniature windows into the past.  They reflect the tastes, aspirations and styles of an earlier time.  They speak to the elegance and craftsmanship of an age past.

We offer several antique and estate jewelry galleries where you will find  elegant cufflinksbeautiful brooches  and  splendid stickpins.  A small sampling of these jewels is shown below.

Sapphire and pearls brooch. (J9248)

Antique Cufflinks

Please visit the  Antique Cufflinks Gallery  where we offer a great variety of fine
antique cufflinks.  Below is a small sample of the cufflinks we offer.

Whiteside & Blank blue guilloche enamel and diamond cufflinks. (J9227)

Classical Jazz  Rich blue enamels with a jazzy engraved pattern of radiating zigzags surrounded by classically-inspired laurel wreath borders.  Created by Whiteside & Blank in 14kt gold, circa 1920.    Cost:  $1,625

Krementz lavender guilloche enamel cufflinks. (J9242)

Lavender and Gold  Arresting Art Deco cufflinks with lavender and black enamel centers accented with yellow gold pinstripes and borders.  Created by Krementz & Company in 14kt gold,  circa 1925.    Cost:  $1,125

Art Deco diamond cufflinks. (J9245)

Diamond Elegance  Art Deco cufflinks that sparkle with the sophisticated elegance and geometric dazzle of a Busby Berkeley musical.  Created by Taylor & Co. in 14kt gold,  circa 1930.    Cost:  $1,275

Krementz writhing serpent cufflinks. (J9284)

Writhing Serpents  Art Nouveau cufflinks with writhing serpents intertwined with a foliate vine.  The fact that the serpents are rattlesnakes adds a touch of menace.   Beautifully sculpted in 14kt gold, circa 1900.    Cost:  $885

Art Deco sapphire cufflinks. (J9265)

Sapphire Jungle  A jungle-like tangle of exotic flora and sweeping fronds engraved in white gold surround a radiant sunburst center set with a dark blue sapphire.    Crafted in 10kt gold,  circa 1925.    Cost:  $725

Larter 14kt yellow gold and blue enamel cufflinks. (J9225)

Pinstripe Blues  Blue enamel accents and golden pinstripes light up these elegant cufflinks from the 1920s.  A mix of jazz and elegance equally well suited for the opera or a speakeasy.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1920.    Cost:  $725

Art Deco carnelian spool cufflinks. (J9232)

Please visit the Antique Cufflink Gallery where you will find many more elegant cufflinks and dress sets from the past.  Above is only a small sample of the cufflinks we offer.

Antique Stickpins

Please visit the  Antique Stickpin Gallery  where we offer a great variety of fine
antique stickpins.  Below is a small sample of the stickpins we offer.

Hans Brassler scarab and serpent stickpin. (J9185)

Scarab and Serpents  The mysteries of ancient Egypt ... two serpents with entwined tails surround a scarab carved in lapis lazuli.  A stylized lotus blossom rest atop the serpents and scarab.  This stickpin was created by Hans Brassler in 14kt gold, circa 1910.    Cost:  $725

Carter, Howe Art Nouveau stickpin of woman and pansy. (J9166)

La Pensée  A beautifully sculpted Art Nouveau stickpin of a woman with wild, cascading hair framed by the petals of a pansy.    Created by Carter, Howe in 14kt gold,  circa 1900.    Cost:  $425

French chimera stickpin. (J9247)

La Chimère II  A French chimera hungrily pursues a small golden ball.  This fierce gargoyle has the head of a an eagle and body of a serpent that morphs into a vine decorated with acanthus leaves.  Crafted in 18kt gold, circa 1900.
Cost:  $675

Link & Angell regal dragon stickpin (J9235)

Regal Dragon  A fierce dragon watches menacingly while maintaining a certain regal composure.  The dragon is beautifully rendered - note the fine details of the wings, the scales along the neck and body and the expressive features of the head.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1900.    Cost:  $425

Brassler stickpin with glowing angle skin coral. (J9130)

Angel Skin  A glowing angel skin coral cabochon sits in the middle of flowing, golden scrolls.  The rich patina of the gold gives this stickpin a sense of ancient mystery.  Created by Hans Brassler in 14kt gold,  circa 1910.
Cost:  $625

Egyptian Revival stickpin with sapphire. (J9206)

Deco Egypt  Alternating papyrus stalks and palmettes surround a brightly glowing sapphire.  A striking example of the Egyptian theme jewels of the Art Deco era.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1920.    Cost:  $465

Hayden Wheeler turquoise stickpin. (J9195)

Please visit the Antique Stickpin Gallery where you will find many more elegant stickpins from the past.  Above is only a small sample of the stickpins we offer.

Antique Brooches and Pins

Please visit the  Antique Brooch Gallery  where we offer a great variety of fine
antique brooches and pins.  Below is a small sample of the jewels we offer.

Edwardian brooch set with a sparking Old European Cut diamond. (J3853)

Edwardian Elegance  An elegant Edwardian bar pin set with a sparkling Old European Cut diamond.  Lace in precious metal.  Crafted in 18kt gold, circa 1920.    Cost:  $775

Krementz Art Nouveau amethyst and pearl brooch. (J9052)

Amethyst and Pearls  A striking Art Nouveau brooch with pastel enamel leaves, pearl clusters and a small diamond surrounding a regal amethyst.  Created by Krementz & Company in 14kt gold, circa 1900.    Cost:  $825

Art Deco citirne brooch. (J9067)

Art Deco Brooch  A dramatic Art Deco brooch set with a beautiful honey-colored Citrine.  The gold sides of the brooch rise up pyramid-like to support the gemstone.  Crafted in 14kt gold, circa 1930.     Cost:  $885

Sloan & Co. horse brooch with green enamel accent. (J9114)

Sloan Equestrian  Equestrian and hunt themes were favorites in the years around 1900.  This beautifully sculpted horse is richly detailed and accented with a green enamel girth strap.  Created by Sloan & Co. in 14kt gold, circa 1900.
Cost:  $725

Art Deco Terrier  A wonderful Art Deco brooch of a small terrier set against an elegantly simple white gold back bar.  Created by Alabaster & Wilson in 15kt and 9kt gold, circa 1925.
Cost:  $625

Art Nouveau iris brooch. (J9091)

Please visit the  Antique Brooch Gallery  where we offer a great variety of fine antique brooches and pins. Above is only a small sample of the jewels we offer.

Recently Sold

Below are several of the antique jewels that have recently sold.

WAB intricate center and black enamel cufflinks. (J8811)

Mesmerizing Elegance  Mesmerizingly elegant cufflinks with stippled borders outlined in black and a profusion of floral and geometric elements.  Created by Wordley, Allsopp & Bliss in 14kt gold,  circa 1925.    Cost:  Sold

French eagle and diamond stickpin. (J9043)

Liberté  A fierce eagle takes flight from its perch atop a small table-cut diamond.  The eagle is beautifully sculpted with wind ruffling its feathers and lifting its wings.  Crafted in 18kt gold,  French,  circa 1900.
Cost:  Sold

Beautifully enameled acorn and oak leaf stickpin. (J9074)

Acorns and Oak  An oak leaf and two acorns suspend from a small branch.  The oak leaf is beautifully enameled with shimmering shades of green, yellow and pink.  The acorns are set with two small pearls.  Crafted in 18kt and 14kt gold,  circa 1900.   Cost:  Sold

Platinum Edwardian brooch with comets and diamonds.

Edwardian Comet Brooch  An elegant platinum and diamond brooch inspired by the 1910 appearance of Halley's comet.     Cost:  Sold

Victorian 14kt gold locket with a crane clutching a diamond in its beak. (J8639)

Crane & Diamond!  A beautiful Victorian locket featuring a crane and cattails in a marsh setting.  The crane grasps an Old European-cut diamond in its beak.  Crafted in 14kt gold, circa 1900.    Cost:  Sold

Victorian enamel four-leaf clover brooch with pearls. (J9050)

Clover and Pearls  A beautifully enameled Victorian lucky clover brooch.  The edges of the petals and stem are gold and set with small graduated pearls.  Created by Bippart, Griscom & Osborn in 14kt gold, circa 1900.
Cost:  Sold


Laurel Wreath and Moonstone  The classical elegance of a wreath of laurel leaves surrounding a luminous moonstone.  The laurel wreath is exquisitely crafted and detailed.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1900.
Cost:  Sold

Art Nouveau iris brooch with Old European-cut diamond.

Art Nouveau Iris Brooch  The jewelers of the Art Nouveau period were masters at creating small, life-like flowers in enamel and gold.  This beautiful iris brooch is a wonderful example.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1900.

Cost:  Sold

Victorian lion and pearl stickpin. (J9012)

Roaring Lion  A regal lion grasps a pearl in his mouth and stares with fiery red eyes (likely rubies).  Beautifully sculpted with finely detailed whiskers and mane.  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1890.    Cost:  Sold

Animated Tap Dancer
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