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Rings Extraordinaire Gallery

A bright cushion-cut sapphire set with accenting diamonds in a platinum ring. (J6654)

Within every beautiful gemstone there is a unique and wonderful jewel waiting to be created.  And for every imaginative jewelry design there is a beautiful gemstone waiting to be found. Our task is to help bring these two - beautiful gemstones and wonderful designs - together

Below are some of the rings and other jewels we have created.  Some are available for sale, others were custom created for clients.  We have nick named this collection Rings Extraordinaire. Yellow radiant-cut Sapphire with seven-sided diamonds in a hand-crafted platinum ring.
Fancy Intense purplish-pink diamond set in a hand-crafted platinum ring. These rings exemplify our passion for exceptional design,  beautiful gemstones,  and uncompromising craftsmanship  -  the hallmarks of all fine jewelry.  With each ring we hope you sense the pleasure we took in creating it and the delight created by the finished masterpiece.

As you view these rings,  please keep in mind that we are happy to adapt any of these designs to create a ring to suit a client's taste.  If you would like to discuss design options or gemstones,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.

Oval saphire set with crescent moon diamonds in an engraved platinum ring. (J7269)

Sapphire Lunar Elegance!  An irresistibly blue sapphire and two crescent-shape diamonds set in a hand crafted and hand engraved platinum ring.    Cost:  Custom made, please inquire.

Hand-crafted platinum ring set with a Rubellite Tourmaline and diamonds.

Magenta Eye of the Nile!  A vivid Rubellite Tourmaline set with brilliant diamonds in a hand-crafted platinum ring.
Cost:  $3,745

Trilliant yellow diamond set in a hand-engraved platinum ring. (J5245)

Fancy Yellow Elegance!  A brilliant yellow diamond showcased in a beautifully engraved platinum ring.
Cost:  $7,850

Pink sapphire and diamond hand-crafted platinum ring.

Pink Flame!  A vibrant pink sapphire set between stepped tiers of cool white diamonds.  A ring inspired by the bold colors and cool geometry of the Art Deco era.      Cost:  Custom made, please inquire.

Red Spinel trellis ring set with diamonds. (J7243)

Red Spinel Trellis!  A glowing Red Spinel and two sparkling diamonds are held in the graceful, sweeping prongs of our elegant trellis ring design.     Cost:  $5,425

A bright cushion-cut sapphire set with accenting diamonds in a platinum ring. (J6654)

Sapphire Split!  A 2.84 carat cushion-cut Sapphire accented with twenty-eight sparkling diamonds set along the shoulders of the ring.  The ring is hand-crafted in platinum.
Cost:  $8,850

A fiery red ruby set with two trapezoid-cut diamonds in a hand-crafted platinum ring.

Ruby Breathless!  A fiery red ruby set with two trapezoid-cut diamonds in a custom platinum ring.     Cost:  $12,845

Concaved-facetted trillium Sapphire set in a hand-crafted, hand-engraved platinum ring. (J8707)

Sapphire Sparkle II  A rich blue Sapphire sparkles as if it is illuminated by a thousand miniature fireworks set in a beautiful hand-crafted, hand-engraved platinum ring.  Cost:  $6,480

18kt gold engraved ring with trillium tsavorite garnet.

Tsavorite Solitaire!  A vibrant green trillium-cut tsavorite set in a beautifully engraved 18kt gold ring.
Cost:  $3,885

Hand engraved platinum ring with a trillium red spinel.

Regal Red Elegance!  A glowing Red Spinel set in a beautiful hand-crafted,  hand-engraved platinum ring.    Cost:  $4,250

Custom Rings Extraordinaire

Below are a few more of the rings that we have designed and created.  Athough these rings have sold,  we are happy to work with you to create a custom ring in any of these styles to suit your taste.

A hand-crafted platinum ring with a sriking emerald-cut Sapphire and sparkling bullet-shape diamonds.

Sapphire Sensation II  An elegant Sapphire beautifully accented with two step-cut bullet-shape diamonds in a hand-crafted platinum ring.      Cost:  Custom made, please inquire.

Pastel Blue Sapphire set with pave diamonds in a platinum ring. (J8426)

Mille Baci!  A Pastel Blue Sapphire set amid 120 scintillating pave-set diamonds.  Hand-crafted platinum ring.

Fancy Intense purplish-pink diamond set in a hand-crafted platinum ring.
Le Petit Rose!  A rare natural Purplish-Pink diamond set in a beautifully hand-crafted platinum ring.  The center diamond is accented with twelve round brilliant-cut diamonds,  two kite-shape diamonds and rose gold scrolls.

Hand-crafted 18kt gold ring with a Spessartite garnet and diamonds. (J6421)

Eye of the Nile!  A vibrant orange garnet,  yellow diamonds and the elegant mystique of ancient Egypt.

Star Sapphire and Lunar Diamond platinum ring. (J8521)

La Lune!  A hand-crafted platinum ring featuring a stunning blue Star Sapphire.  The Star Sapphire is accented with two crescent moon Diamonds.

Yellow radiant-cut Sapphire with seven-sided diamonds in a hand-crafted platinum ring.

Sapphire Radiant Synergy!  A radiant-cut Yellow Sapphire set between two seven-sided diamonds in a hand-crafted, hand-engraved platinum ring.

Barion-cut Tanzanite and diamond ring.

Tanzanite Intrigue!  An intriguing blue-violet Barion-cut Tanzanite showcased with step-cut diamonds in a hand-crafted platinum ring.  The bezel setting is beautifully hand pierced with flowing designs.

Orange diamond set with pave diamonds in a platinum ring.

Ablaze!  An intoxicating natural Fancy Intense Orange-Brown diamond surrounded by a double halo of pave-set diamonds.  This ring is ablaze with light and color.

Emerald-cut sapphire set with round brilliant-cut diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Sapphire Tingle!  An emerald-cut sapphire set with diamonds in a hand-crafted platinum ring.

A hand-crafted platinum ring with a sriking emerald-cut sapphire and two sparkling trilliant diamonds.

Sapphire Sensation!  A striking emerald-cut sapphire set in an elegant platinum ring with trilliant diamonds.  The sapphire is a rich,  captivating blue reminiscent of the Aegean Sea.

Spessartite garnet and tourmaline ring.

Autumn Embers!  A hand-crafted ring inspired by the Autumn colors of New England.  Set with a spessartite garnet and yellow tourmalines.

Cushion-cut purple sapphire with round lilac sapphires in a custom platinum ring.

Plum Tingle!  A striking purple sapphire set with round lilac sapphires in a hand-crafted platinum ring.

Elegant Tanzanite and Diamond ring. (J7236)

Tanzanite Tangent!  A velvety violet-blue Tanzanite set with sparkling diamonds in a hand-crafted platinum ring.

Rubellite tourmaline and diamond custom platinum ring.

Elegante!  A majestic marquise Rubellite Tourmaline surrounded by 62 pavé-set diamonds in a platinum ring.

Custom platinum tanzanite and pink diamond ring.

Tanzanite Tingle!  A lush velvety Blue-Violet Tanzanite set in a cool platinum hand-crafted ring that tingles with Fancy Intense pink diamonds.

Secret Garden!  A striking engraved ring set with a beautiful violet blue sapphire.  This bold design is hand crafted in platinum, richly engraved with a flower and scroll motif, and accented with sparkling diamonds.

A radiant Pink Spinel set with tapered baguette diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Radiant Pink!  A radiant Pink Spinel accented with tapered baguette diamonds.

Tanzanite custom ring with diamonds handcrafted in platinum and gold.

Wow!  A striking oval tanzanite,  golden flowers,  platinum leaves and sparkling diamonds are al elements of this beautifully handcrafted engagement ring.

Trilliant diamond set in hand-engraved platinum ring. (J5246)

Solitaire Elegance!  A sparkling trilliant diamond set in a beautifully hand-engraved platinum ring.

Tanzanite and diamond custom platinum ring.

Tanzanite Tango!  A brilliant square-cut Tanzanite and six sparkling diamonds dance across the top of this dramatic ring.  Hand crafted in platinum with 18kt gold accents.

Emerald-cut sapphire and diamond ring in platinum.

Blue Moon!  A rich blue sapphire complemented by the cool brilliance of diamonds and platinum.  This elegant platinum ring recalls the striking jewels of the Art Deco era.

Alpine-cut purple sapphire with round diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Alpine Purple Tingle!  An Alpine-cut Purple Sapphire set with six small diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Breathless II !  A Lucere-cut diamond set with two Fancy Blue trilliants in a custom platinum ring.

Platinum engraved ring with a trillium concave-facetted sapphire.

Sapphire Sparkle!  A vibrant blue sapphire,  the cool elegance of platinum,  and beautiful hand engraving come together to create this striking ring.  The sapphire weighs  2.10 carats.

Hand-engraved 18kt gold ring with tsavorite garnet and diamonds.

Tsavorite Elegance!  An incredibly vibrant green tsavorite,  brilliant white diamonds,  and warm hand-engraved yellow gold,  come together to create a striking ring.

Platinum sapphire ring with two hidden diamonds and 18kt gold accents.

Sapphire Hidden Treasures!  A rich blue sapphire with secret diamonds and gold circlets set in a hand-crafted platinum ring.

Radiant-cut sapphire and two princess-cut diamonds in a stiking platinum ring.

Sapphire Seduction!  An intoxicating rich blue 2.7-carat sapphire set between two sparkling princess-cut diamonds in a beautiful platinum ring.  Watch out lest you are seduced!

Other Jewels Extraordinaire

18kt gold and platinum pendant with rubellite and blue-green tourmalines.

Crossroads Pendant!  Shimmering crystallized gold and brightly polished platinum create a striking contrast in this hand-crafted pendant.  A fiery rubellite tourmaline and three blue-green tourmalines add a dash of color.

Cost:  $4,250

A striking pair of diamond earrings with sapphire drops set in platinum.

Sapphire Dew Drops!  Sapphires,  diamonds and platinum earrings glisten like dew drops in the early morning sun.
Cost:  Please inquire.

Renaissance Revival brooch.

Renaissance Revival!  A richly colored radiant-cut garnet,  a vibrant purple sapphire and three sparkling diamonds grace this striking pendant inspired by the jewels of the 1500s.  The pendant was hand created in 18kt gold and platinum with the care and artistry of the master goldsmiths of the Renaissance era.

Cost:  Custom made, please inquire.

Other Jewelry Galleries

Custom designed Burmese ruby and diamond engagement rings in 18kt gold.

Custom Jewelry Designs  -  Many of the jewels we create are custom works for clients celebrating a loved one, special event or important anniversary.  We work closely with the client to develop an beautiful design,  locate just the right gemstones,  and create a truly exceptional jewel.

Emerald cut sapphire and baguette diamonds in custom platinum engagement rings.

Sapphire Rings  -  A collection of striking sapphire rings.  Some of the rings are from goldsmiths and jewelry designers with whom we work,  others are custom designs that we created for clients.  Each of these sapphire rings exemplifies our commitment to exceptional design,  exquisite gemstones and uncompromising craftsmanship.

Engraved platinum engagement rings with diamonds.

Engraved Rings  -  Beautiful engraved rings are the pinnacle of the jeweler's art.  Here we present a gallery of hand engraved rings crafted in platinum and  18kt gold.  Each ring is custom created to showcase specially chosen gemstones.

Platinum engagement rings with three ideal cut diamonds and custom platinum band.

Custom Engagement Rings  -  A custom designed engagement ring is an expression of a couple's passion,  commitment and tastes.  In this gallery we feature many of the custom rings we have helped couples create.

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How We Do Business   This section describes how we do business and covers such important topics as payment terms,  return policy and shipping.   If you consider purchasing one of the jewels in the Gallery,  we recommend that you review this section.

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